Book Review: No place like home by Mary Higgins Clark.

Title: No place like Home.
Author: Mary Higgins Clark.
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense.
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐/5


Celia Nolan was shocked when she saw her birthday present that her beloved husband gave her. The house that she wanted to leave behind forever.

Ten year old Liza Barton accidently shot her mother to protect her mother from Liza`s violent stepfather. The court  ruled the death as accident. Her foster parents took her,gave her a new name – Celia and a new life.  She was widowed after a marriage, in which she had a son. She married a lawyer and was living happily until she saw  her beloved husband`s present.

And things started to happen. Her house got vandalized  on the first day.When the real estate agent who sold the house to them gets murdered ,she becomes the prime suspect. As she strives to prove her innoncence, she herself is being stalked by the real killer.

My thoughts

 The story was very interesting. The  twists, turns, suspense was really engaging. The plot and development was very good. It was not fast paced, I only got hooked up in the midway because the writing got gripping in the middle of the book.(to me).
Did the book blown me away?  No. BUT the story was very intriguing.If you are reading for just to get away,then this book is good. 


Mary Higgins Clark is known as “THE QUEEN OF SUSPENSE”. She is the author of  fifty one suspense novels. All of her novels are world wide best seller. Her last book was ‘KISS THE GIRLS AND MAKE THEM CRY’. She died in 2020.

❐ MORE ABOUT THE BOOK❐                      

This is the third book of Mary Higgins Clark.

Published in 2005.

Preceded by “CLOSE TO HOME”.  

Book Review: Silent Fires by Poogitha. G. Prasad.


B OO K     R E V IE W

Title: Silver Flames
Author:  Poojitha. G. Prasad.
Genre: Mystery/Crime Thriller
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐. 5


Will the truth set you free or will it kill you?

Inspector Ashish Bharadwaj is arrogant and hot-tempered, but he’s usually right about things. His brother, Manav, is quiet and intuitive. He is also brilliant at solving cases.

When Shravya Chandra, wife of Arun Chandra the film star, goes missing – Ashish and Manav have their own hunches. Ashish is out to prove Arun Chandra’s guilt. But Manav wants to know more about Shravya’s old friend, Anchal because he’s certain that she is hiding something big.

They both can’t be right, of course.

Ashish doesn’t want to be wrong; he’s never wrong. And Manav would give anything to snatch a victory from under his brother’s nose.

Who’s right? And at what cost are they going to win?

Since everyone’s looking only for what they want to see, will they ever actually find out what happened to Shravya Chandra?

And so begins the battle of egos, the endless search for a killer and the unravelling of secrets. ..

My Thoughts

Idk what to say, this one was a roller coaster of twists and turns. With simple and flowy writing the author weaves a investigation tale that grips you right from the start.

With touching the topics like domestic abuse, self-realisation, brother love and friendship we can see the character development and  can deeply feel the characters.

Author keeps us guessing throughout the story who the culprit is as some characters pop here and there. Overall I really enjoyed reading this one.

Recommend if you like crime mystery investigation thriller.

About the author


Poojitha G. Prasad is a filmmaker, writer and mother. Her first book (Wrong Side of the Bed, 2004) was published when she was 15 by Rupa and Co.

Her short films have travelled to festivals across the world. She is currently working on a feature-length film. She also dabbles in art, photography, gardening and spirituality.

Book review: Obsession & Fortitude by Dharani Deiveegan.

Title: Obsession and Fortitude.
Author: Dharani Deiveegan.
Genre: Contemporary Romance.
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5.


“Because I knew that even if he lets me go, I will still be there for me and I will still love me. I was glad that my obsession turned into fortitude.”

This is a story of Maanvi, a loving girl from Chennai and Abhimanyu, an altruistic guy from Delhi, finding their way through love, relationship, ambitions, virtues and priorities. Read to find out, how their beautiful tale of love and unfettered personalities, impacted each other!

My Thoughts

This one was a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

With a tinge of drama and flimy the author did a great job on portraying the obstacles that we face when we are in a relationship,like miscommunication, giving priority to relationship above anything else, trust, loyalty, self-respect,heartbreak.

Apart from some  editing errors, the writing is simple and flowy. The feelings of the characters are well portrayed.What I liked most was the last few chapters with a little twist which was unexpected. I think the last few chapters comprised the whole story.

Recommend if you like cheesy, filmy romance and drama.


The author is a 21 year old girl hailing from South India, who is currently pursuing her MBBS degree.

She began her career in writing as a junior journalist in the famous regional magazine, Chutti Vikatan. She claims that the experience polished her skills and further increased her passion for writing.



Today, I am teaming up with @nbbtours to bring you the cover reveal of Cold Blood, first of A
Marriage of Blood and Teeth series by @andrew_james_king_author. Check out this stunning Historical Fiction available now!


Victorian England, the era of judgement. Secrets lead to others doom. Freeing them
may end both life and love. He hides a killer’s face before it can be seen. Detective Arthur
Edwards finds himself on the wrong side of the law defending his wife, Mary. Justice and peace
usually prevail against murder, but that’s not how the story goes.


I love the cover of the book! It gives me the vibe of Stalking Jack the Ripper series with a vampire touch.

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Book Review: You can`t Hide by Karen Rose.


(Book 4 of Chicago Series)

Genre: Mystery, Thriller,Romantic suspense.
Rating: ★★★★★/5


Someone is torturing Dr. Tess’s patients driving them to their own death and placing evidences against Tess. Chicago detective Aidan Reagan is assigned to the case of death of Tess’s patient.

He really hated Dr. Tess Ciccotelli and was eager to nail her to the wall. But soon he realize that it was not done by her but by someone who hated her to core and wanted to destroy her everything, including her life.

Body count is increasing so is Aidan’s and Tess’s feelings for each other. But the killer tightens the rope around her neck and makes sure that she can’t hide.


Once again Karen Rose blew my mind with her book!
Edge gripping story, intense romance and a very creepy killer.
The story was fast paced, with great characters. There is also the presence of other characters who are from the other story. It was lovely to see them again.What I really like about Karen’s books is that they have a very strong female characters. Highly recommended.


Karen Rose, the RITA award winner for best romantic suspense wrote fifteen novels and two novellas.She previously worked as chemical engineer and changed her career into writing. Her first book itself was a best selling one. Her books were translated into many languages and still does.


  • Published on 2006
  • Fourth book in the Chicago Series.
  • Can be read as standalone.

Preceded by ~ Nothing to fear
Followed by ~ Count to ten


  1. Don’t tell

2. I’m watching you

3. Nothing to fear

4.You can’t hide

5. Count to ten.




Hola! My bookdragons!

Today, is my stop of the spotlight tour of  ‘FOREVER BURN’ by Trinity Lemm with @nbbtours

Trigger Warnings: Mental health

What happens when two broken people meet?

Tatum Everley is a freshman at Western Michigan University. Due to an emotionally and psychologically abusive past relationship, Tate struggles from Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She has been working on controlling her symptoms and flashbacks, but when she meets Axel Burne at a fraternity party, who is notorious for sleeping around and getting into fights, she tries her best to dodge the bullet.

Axel starts to become intrigued by Tate, but she’s better off choosing Lucas— the sweet guy who has been trying to take her out since orientation. But even though Lucas is the better option, Axel keeps reappearing. Tate continues to try to stay away from him, but it starts becoming harder to, and as she gets closer to him, things start to get way out of hand.

If Tate wants her happy ending and her sanity intact, then she has to push through the hardships and maintain control over her disorder.

Want to know What happened? Check out the book! You can find the purchase link on my bio!

Title: Forever Burn
Series: The Forever Series
Author: Trinity Lemm
Genre: YA/NA Contemporary Romance.
Release date: May 10, 2020

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Book review: Break the stone by Cassie Swindon.

B O O K   R E V I E W


Title: Break the stone.
           (Golden chains 1)
Author: Cassie Swindon.

Genre: Romantic suspense, mystery, thriller.
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐. 5 /5


*Find the woman in the picture, Break the stone. I need her*

For years, Raelyn Bell desperately searches for any connection to her deceased Ma and finally stumbles upon a hidden trunk. She doesn’t have time to learn what’s inside when Pa uproots her from the only home she’s ever known, leaving the mysterious trunk behind.

Meanwhile, Specialist Kody Walsh focuses on his advancement in the army. Raelyn walks into his life and derails his plans. They awaken a spark inside each other, but deny their interest. Forced to work together, Raelyn and Kody find evidence that her Ma might still be alive. While hunting for the truth, the two grow closer as complications and danger arises.

Will Raelyn ever find out what really happened to Ma? Will Kody tear down his walls and let Raelyn into his heart? Or will the challenges tear them apart?

My Thoughts

I am surprised that this is the debut work of the author! She did a great job for her first work. I really loved the plot and the characters.

At first I felt it was flat, but then suddenly the graph started to go up and I was hooked!   What I loved was that the characters felt real and They have flaws.  I really loved how each of the characters developed throughout the end of the story.

The romance, the friendship and family love, I loved how the author wrote real life problems and I  found my eyes were filled up at some of the parts of the book.  There was problems with edits other than that the book was great!

With a nice twist, the story ends in a perfect cliffhanger and I am really excited for the Book 2.


The golden Chain series.

Book 1: Break the stone.

Book 2: Hunt the storm (coming soon)

Thank you author for the ARC in exchange of a honest review.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Book Review: The Bricklayer by Noah Boyd.



[Steve Vail book 1]

Genre:  Action,Thriller,Suspense,Mystery.

Rating: ★★★★★\ 5


The Bricklayer Steve Vail was a trained killer and former FBI agent.What he despises the most- authority and rules. OR the kindest word that describes him ‘Recalcitrant’                                                                                                                                                      When a series of prominent people, including a FBI agent were killed in complex ways and one agent missing mysteriously, the killers are demanding millions of dollars from the FBI to stop the killings. The FBI tries everything to stop the killers ,but everything ends in vein.The killers know how the FBI works and it might be an inside job.
Time is ticking, the killers must be found before another body comes up. The deputy director Kate Bannon turns to Steve Vail forhelp and their quest for finding the killer begins…..


The story was very interesting and got me hooked up right from the start.  It was fast paced with twists and turns. The main character ,Steve Vail is a clever and intelligent ex-agent ,who goes his way to find the truth. over all it is a engaging suspense thriller,which makes you feel like you are in a James Bond movie. The narration was good. This was the first time reading this author’s work and I think I will go for the book 2.




Noah Boyd was a former FBI agent who spent more than twenty years working some of the bureau`s toughest investigations, including the Green River Killer case and the High land park strangler case(which he was credited with solving). He died in 2011.  


❒  More  about  the  book

The second book of this series is  ‘AGENT X’, which was published in 2011. There is only two books in these series.                                 


Book review: Cinderella is dead by Kalynn Baron




Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Genre:  Fairytale Retelling, Fantasy, Dystopian.


Cinderella’s life changed when she went to the ball. Like that, Sophia’s life changed when she left the ball.
It’s been two hundred years since Queen Cinderella died with that the happiness of the people too. The ruthless king and his laws terrified the people of Lille. Especially the women.

Sophia wants to get out from this hell with her one and only love, best friend Erin but if any one tried to leave this hell, they ended up in coffin.

When she escaped and met Constance, together they discovered some dark secrets… The secrets that can rock the Lille to it’s core. Their mission to put an end to the ruthless King and his laws
With the king’s men and the king himself chasing Sophia, Can she put an end to his regiment? Will she ever get her happily ever after?

My thoughts;

So, I tried this fairytale retelling in fantasy genre. I Kalynn Bayron is famous for her bestselling book  CINDERELLA IS DEAD.  She is the author of Six Points of Light: Hook’s Origin and Six Point of Light: The Lost Son.     am not that of a Cinderella fan but I loved this book!

I loved the plot and the characters. A strong female lead, who  wants to put an end to the patriarchy. And the twist, that was one of a twist 😲.

The reason because I didn’t give 5⭐ because the romance felt little bit rushed? Sophia clearly said her heart only belonged to Erin, but when she saw Constance she changed quickly and Erin was out, that… was little down for me. World building was little too.I liked the way the book represented a social issue. The book made me turn the pages until the end. A fun and fantastic read.


      Kalynn Bayron is famous for her bestselling book CINDERELLA IS DEAD. Which was published in 2020. She also wrote Six points of light- Hook`s Origin and Six points of light- The lost one.       


“I think sometimes we make the mistake of thinking monsters are abhorrent aberrations, lurking in the darkest recesses, when the truth is far more disturbing. The most monstrous men are those who sit in plain sight, daring you to challenge them.

Thanks for reading!

Book review: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.




(BOOK 1 of Me before you series)

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Genre: Fiction, Realistic fiction.


Louisa Clark lost her job, she was shocked because that was the only way her family can meet the ends. She searched for another job and ended up as a caregiver for Will Traynor who was paralysed from an accident. Then her life took a turn.

My thoughts

The story will make your heart swell with happiness, at the same time it will break your heart. I loved the story and romance.
It also teach us to just live your life. Don’t regret and always take the opportunities because once you lose it, it will never come back. Sometimes there is no second chances. So live it to the fullest.

The actual reason why I took the book was, I saw the movie two years back. (I know, I know) I loved the movie and I thought to go for the book. It was one of the greatest decision I took. It really made me cry. I heard there was also series of this and I am going for it!


Pauline Sara Jo Moyes a.k.a Jojo Moyes is an  English journalist.  She is a novelist and  screenwriter too. She is one of only a few authors to win Romantic Novel of the Year Award by the Romantic Novelists’ Association, Twice.  


 MORE ABOUT  THE BOOK             

Jojo Moyes’s Me before you is the first book in the Me before you triology.
1. Me before you.

2. After you.

3. Still me.
Published in the years 2012, 2015. 2018 respectively.

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