Book Review: The Breakthrough by Megha Bajaj.

Title: The Breakthrough.
Author: Megha Bajaj.
Genre: Non-fiction, self-help.
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


The Breakthrough is a collection of inspiring stories of 11 people who had a major breakthrough in their life. Some they made by themselves,some life gave them. And from these breakthroughs they learned to move from being ordinary to extraordinary. From being settled and contented with what they have to going for more, to have a happy and successful life.

I am not much fan of a non-fiction, but I really enjoyed reading this one. Instead of just saying, the author is showing us, with examples,that there are people who changed their life for good and better. Not only their life but others too by giving to society something more, by not thinking of what background they came from but where they are going for.

All of them with the help of their guru Mahatria learned something more in their life. That life should be the perfect balance of health, wealth, bliss of love and spiritual alignment, And that’s what we call a successful life.

Book Review: The Cursed Kingdom Triology by Aimee Shaye.


Title: The Broken Daughter. ⭐⭐ The Dead Daughter. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ The Cursed Daughter ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Author: Aimee Shaye.
Genre: YA Fantasy.
Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐. 5


Long ago, magick filled the land of Dramolux. But one sorceress delved too deep into dark sorcery and tainted the creatures inhabiting the land. In an effort to save all creatures, a noble sentinel locked the dark powers away. For generations, the dark ones were controlled, passed down to those who ruled the sentinel kingdom. All is peaceful until the newest sentinel queen is murdered and all the magick is released back into the world. It is now up to her daughter, Princess Aymeri–who has no knowledge of what she truly is–to recapture it. But another dark sorceress is on the rise. She wants to lay claim to the magick and wield it herself, in an effort to take all of Dramolux under her control. The odds are against Aymeri and the magick the sorceress wants is evil. Aymeri must prepare to battle or die fighting for the survival of her people. The story continues in the coming books with Kumud & Dimia.

My thoughts

BOOK 1: The Broken Daughter

The writing style is easy and flowy but I couldn’t get the hype and felt nothing throughout the book despite the book has a great potential and plot line. Some of suspense and twist was here and there but I didn’t  connect with any of the characters.I think it would have been better if the book was little bit more mysterious about the villain.

BOOK 2: The dead daughter

Okay, this is even better than book 1. It picks up where the book 1 left. I loved how the author switched the pov to Kumud, Aymeri’s sister. It was beautiful to see Kumud grow and develop, breaking the chain of pains and traumas from her past and help her sister.

The world building and character development are more and loose ends gets tied up but also presents new mysteries and questions.Sometimes it was hard to keep up with the plot as a lot of things were happening.Loved the writing.Overall this one was good, wayyy better than the first one.

BOOK 3: The Cursed Daughter

The finale of the series! With more character development and plot twists, the finale is said from the point of view of Dimia, which I liked more because we get to know more about how she turned to be who she is. That’s my favorite thing about the book.

As usual the writing was easy & flowy. The thing I felt about the whole series is that to add a little bit more suspense and hype to the chapters.

About the Author

“I am many things but normal is not one of them,” says Aimee Shaye when asked to describe herself during her first interview. She is a novelist whose genres include Fantasy and most of its subgenres. When asked what drives her, Aimee says, “The world around me. The people I know. The love and support of my family.” Aimee currently resides in New York City, is a family-driven person and enjoys meeting and getting to know her readers. She is full of life and down-to-earth. She has a personality that fills the room. More than that, Aimee is someone people easily open up to. Her passion for life, reading, and writing are evident in her novels and she leaves no stone unturned in showcasing real emotions even in fantasy worlds. 

Book Review: Raashi Ghoshal will find her Prince Charming by Aniesha Brahma.


Title: Raashi Ghoshal will find her prince Charming.
Author: Aniesha Barma.
Genre: Contemporary Romance.
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐. 5/5

Thank you writersmelon, Lapsus publications and Author for gifting the copy in exchange of a honest review.


Once in our life we always waited for a Prince Charming, who comes and sweep our feet off with love but on the someway in the journey we either realize the reality or forgot about it. But Rashi is different, she is still on her mission to find her Prince Charming. Can she find him? Or will she end up disappointed?

My thoughts

This was a light, fun, simple yet insightful story, talks about strong and supportive friendship, mental health,  romantic relationships and mostly self love.

I really loved the character of Bhargavi- the Goddess of Love. I Completed this in one sitting. It was  engaging plot. Coming to our main character,at some points I really facepalmed myself coz of decisions taken by Raashi, wished I could screw the reality & facts to her head but at the same time I liked her because that’s how you learn. You grow up, you realize things, you face it and you figure out the things as you go. 

Overall I enjoyed this one a lot. Recommend if you like reads where you can just sit back and relax.

About the Author

Aniesha Brahma holds a MPhil degree in Comparative Literature. She has a Bachelors and a Masters degree in the same subject. She was schooled in Dolna Day School, where she had first discovered her love for writing. Besides writing, she enjoys reading books, blogging, volunteering and of course, listening to music. Visit her blog for more updates.


The secret proposal. When Our Worlds Collide. The Guitar Girl. The Backyard Tales. All Signs Lead Back to You. An Awfully BIG Adventure. When Our Worlds Meet Again. Into the Night, and other stories. The Awesome Four: Legend of the Stardust. The Awesome Four: Coming Together.

(Source: Goodreads)

Book review: Mythical Creatures & magical beasts by Zayden Stone.


Series title: The Legendary Lores Series
Title: Mythical creatures & Magical beasts. (Vol 1)
Author:Zayden Stone
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

My thoughts

I believe in everything until it is disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths and dragons. It all exists,even if it is in your mind.”

~John Lennon.

To be honest, I am a very fan of mythical creatures. Any thing that has mythical creatures written in them I just grab and read it. I love getting knowledge or infos like that.

This book is my fav read of this month(even though I only read 3 books until now including this one). The writing was flowy and the illustrations was soo good!  Just look at that cover!

What I most loved is that I get to know about more mythical creatures from different mythologies, like  Japan, Norse & Greek. From folklores of Philippino & Chilean. It was well researched and presented.

Definitely recommend if you like reading books on mythical creatures!

Book Review: There’s blood on your heart by Chirasree Bose.


Title: There’s blood on your heart.
Author: Chirasree Bose.
Genre: Thriller
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐.5 /5


8-year-old Nihar lost both her parents to a crime that after all these years remains elusive to her still. She remembers nothing about her dead mother and sentenced father.

Upon receiving an email that leaves her gasping with disbelief at a strange revelation about the crime, Nihar comes back to India. To unravel the past that threatens the very foundation of her existence.

With series of deaths taking place around her, one after another, and a hundred different versions of the crime floating about in every nook and cranny of her past, would Nihar finally get to the truth? Would she know why her mother had to die, who killed her, and why all these years, like a red phantomic silhouette, she kept following her everywhere? Why – what was it that she wished her only daughter to know? 

My thoughts

This read give me mixed feelings.
With an intriguing start, the story goes a little slowpaced and also add a little paranormal effect here and there. After reading few chapters I felt this was going nowhere. I didn’t feel anything for the protagonist and the story felt going in circles.

But after that the story started to pick up with little twists here and there, it started to hype up throughout the end. I predicted one or two twists but the others was so good. Author weaves a beautiful story with subjects like sister love, marriage and many more(can’t tell here coz SPOILERS). The author keeps you guessing who the killer is.

I felt the characters two dimensional. Idk but I felt they keep you at a hand’s distance. But the last few chapters was soo good and that’s what won me over.

Recommend if you like thrillers!

About the author

IG: @chirasreebose_

Chirasree Bose is a bestselling author of two books, namely Done With Her… and Mrs. Basu’s Uncensored Familism.

Her debut book grabbed remarkable positions on Amazon bestsellers lists while also getting her the title of ‘the second most popular debut author of India’ in 2019.She is an editor, content writer, and software engineer with an indomitable passion for art and creativity.


1. Done with her. 2.Mrs. Basis Uncensored Familism. 3.Life is waiting at the station. ===========================

Thank you @readgret.official
& @chirasreebose_  for the copy!



Thank you to @nbbtours and @rebeccalgarciabooks for the opportunity to feature this amazing book!

Title: Spellbound
Author: RebeccaLGarcia
Genre: NA Fantasy

Trigger Warning: Violence, Sex


Grieving being torn from her beloved sister, who remained behind in the human kingdom, Elle makes it her life purpose to become a keeper in her cursekeeper coven.

But this calling won’t be an easy one.

The magic possessed by her small coven of four casts them as outsiders throughout the kingdom. Yet when witches are found murdered in the woods, the cursekeepers quickly become the town’s only hope.

Many believe the murders are the work of a god. An old one returned in search of vengeance. Elle, on the other hand, suspects Viktor, the new warlock to town, is somehow linked to the violent deaths. However, his agenda doesn’t stop there.

Infiltrating her coven.
Charming everyone around him.
Threatening her plans to become a keeper.
This rivalry quickly becomes personal.

When the truth behind the murders surfaces, Elle finds herself thrust into a dangerous new world, trapped between twisted hearts and terrifying beings. With the victims piling up, she must decide who to trust and who to protect before it’s too late.

(Embraced by Darkness is a collection of standalone books set in the same world without an overarching plot, which means you can start with any books in the series and pick and choose which ones you want to read. This collection of novels follows different couples as they go from enemies to friends to lovers, while facing dangerous obstacles in a world split between humans, witches and gods, set in two kingdoms that separate them.)

(You can visit my IG for the link to purchase the book!)

Book Review: The Infiniti Trilogy by Rachel Hetrick.

Thank you @kingdomofhiraeth_tours
& @rachel_hetrick_writes
for choosing me for this wonderful tour!


Series Title: Infiniti Trilogy
Title: Curse of Infiniti (#1)
  Defying the Infiniti (#2)
  Infinit (#3)
Author: Rachel Hetrick
Genre: YA Fantasy,Romance.
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ /5

What’s life without a little adventure?”
“A longer life,” Ellayne responded.
“A safer life,” Kade added.
“A boring life.” Armannii swallowed. “And who wants to live a boring life?””



Can she collect enough fragments of her past before the nightmarish figure from her dreams catches up with her?
Emptiness… Ellayne wakes up in a bedroom she doesn’t recognize. There are no memories—not even a name to go with the face in the mirror. There is only a necklace and a strange, black scar on her left wrist. There are nightmares she can’t avoid and a hooded archer with wicked aim she can’t outrun. 
One misstep sends her sweeping into the lives of two young men who agree to help her navigate this world. Phildeterre, a country still healing from war, is a land overflowing with magic—magic that may very well have led to the loss of Ellayne’s memories. 
Determined to discover what happened in her past and with her new companions by her side, she begins a journey that takes her to perilous places. But as dark secrets are brought to light, it becomes terrifyingly clear to Ellayne that her memory loss may be the least of her worries. 

My thoughts

This was a roller coaster ride!
I really enjoyed this series, it did match upto my expectations when I heard this one was a great read.

When I started the first book, a couple of pages in I thought this was going nowhere. But boy, I was wrong. When the story picked up, it got me so intriguing I completed this trilogy in four days(that’s the highest record I ever done).

The author did a very well job on world building and the magic system. The characters felt real and raw. Our heroine is a sassy one.We see each of the character’s struggle with the dark and light side in them. They make mistakes and they realize it and do their best to mend them. Each character had purpose and a back story.

When I thought the story is coming to an end in the first book, I didn’t realize there were going to be a load of twists and turns in the end and in the coming books. Even though some of them was predictable but some of them made me pop my eyes out.

The only thing you need to look for is that the book kind of repeats things over but if you hold on you get a different  point, also answers to your questions that keep popping out through the whole read and ties up the loose ends. (They say Patience is virtue) and author you can’t  just kill off my fav characters 

Jump into this one if you like Royalties, magical creatures, romance, adventure and of course  an elf who  can’t stop his mouth from coming up with witty comebacks! I am talking about Armannii of course  (just love that guy❤)

About the author


Rachel Hetrick is a Colorado native, who graduated from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and a Creative Writing minor in 2017. A year after she graduated, she moved to the opposite side of the world and taught English in Asia for a year and a half. However, when the world went nuts at the beginning of 2020, the pandemic led to the closing of her school. It was then she decided it was time to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming a published author. With the inspiration of many incredible authors on Youtube, Rachel grew as a writer, editor, and now publisher. She has since moved back to Colorado and lives with her Siamese cat, Syra (who kicked Feline Infectious Peritonitis, FIP, in the rear end). She looks forward to hearing from her readers!

IG: @rachel_hetrick_writes

Book review: Forever Burn by Trinity Lemm.


Title: Forever Burn.
Author: Trinity Lemm.
Genre: YA/NA Romance.
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐. 5/5

Thank you to @nbbtours and @trinitylemmauthor for the opportunity to review and feature this amazing book! Please be sure to visit all the other hosts too!

T/W: Mental Health, CPTSD
Contains slight mature scenes.


Tatum Everley is a freshman at Western Michigan University. Due to an emotionally and psychologically abusive past relationship, Tate struggles from Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She has been working on controlling her symptoms and flashbacks, but when she meets Axel Burne at a fraternity party, who is notorious for sleeping around and getting into fights, she tries her best to dodge the bullet. Axel starts to become intrigued by Tate, but she’s better off choosing Lucas— the sweet guy who has been trying to take her out since orientation. But even though Lucas is the better option, Axel keeps reappearing. Tate continues to try to stay away from him, but it starts becoming harder to, and as she gets closer to him, things start to get way out of hand. If Tate wants her happy ending and her sanity intact, then she has to push through the hardships and maintain control over her disorder.”

My thoughts

Ok, ngl when I saw the phrase ‘fans of Anna Todd will love this’ I was like No, No. But still I jumped into this one coz I love college romance tropes路‍♀️

I really loved the author’s writing style. It is flowy and simple. I was amazed to know the author is a young person but she did a very well job on showing us the struggles of a person with C-PTSD which our heroine is suffering from.(which is a quite a change)

Even though there was ‘After’ vibe here and there it was a good read. The secondary characters were supportive and loyal(which I liked and disliked at the same time). Yeah and sometimes I even questioned the heroine’s decision.

I think it would have been better if there was pov  from Axel, so some questions can be answered. And I felt the twist at the end- even though it was slightly predictable- was good.
Definitely gonna say the author has potential and looking forward to her new works!

Recommend if you like badboy-goodgirl  trope.

About the author

Trinity Lemm is from a small town in Illinois. After graduating from high school in 2019, she began attending Western Michigan University to study both business and dance, with plans of maintaining a writing career on the side. 


Forever frozen(#2)

Book Review:A stranger in the house by Shari Lapena.

Title: A stranger in the House. Author: Shari Lapena. Genre: Crime thriller, psychological thriller. Rating: ⭐⭐⭐. 5/5



Tom was worried when he found that his wife vanished from the house, with the car. Doubts were creeping into him, what was so important that made his wife rush out of the house without even closing the door,without taking her purse or id.

When Karen opened her eyes, she was in hospital and she had no idea how she ended up there. She was shocked when she heard, she was in an accident and she can’t remember anything about it. She came back home with her husband and thought to move on.
Suddenly she becomes a suspect for a murder that happened the night when she got into the accident and evidences  against her. When she struggles to remember what happened, to answer the pointed questionsof detectives,to clear her husband’s doubt on her.She felt something is not right. Things are not there like they were before in her house.Like someone was in the house…
And secrets started to reveal…

My thoughts

The story was intriguing. Has good suspense and mystery.I was really surprised at the ending, I really didn`t see that coming. Can`t say, if there was character development( to me).

First few chapters are bit slow, but when you really get into the story it will get you hooked. The author makes you keep guessing what really happened and who is the culprit.

If you are looking for a escapee with pretty good psychological thriller, go for it.

About the author

Shari Lapena is a Canadian novelist. She is best known for her 2016 thriller novel The Couple Next Door, which was a bestseller both in Canada and internationally. Lapena, a lawyer and English teacher before beginning her writing career, published her debut novel Things Go Flying in 2008.

Other Works:

The Couple Next Door.

An Unwanted Guest.

Someone We Know.

The End of Her.

Things go flying.

(Info source: Goodreads &Wikipedia)


Hola! My bookdragons! I am teaming up with @kingdomofhiraeth_tours for the release day celebration of ‘Shattered dreams by @authorcarriganrichards



All Megan Devereux wants is to live her life in the mortal world. But returning, without Casper, has changed everything, including events and times. The worst part is no one believes her story.

Strange things begin to happen. Megan finds a portal to Arvada and Casper. But every time she wakes up, she’s back in the mortal world not knowing how she ended up there.

She soon learns Vincent is in the mortal world with the Nuummite Jewel. The longer they stay in the mortal world though, the harder it is for them to return to Arvada. Now, she must find him so they can return to Arvada and return the mortal world back to normal.

Will Megan start a new life or return to her old one? Is Megan willing to give up everything in order to survive?

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