Book Review: Ganesha’ s Global Startup by Prachi Garg.


Title: Ganesha’s Global startup.
Author: Prachi Garg
Genre: Self-help.
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐. 5/5


A foodie at heart, Ganesha always looked for ways to make life worth living. In his entrepreneurial journey so far, he had seen it all – starting from a failed start-up to bagging the ‘entrepreneur of the year’ Award. With the achievement came the urge to expand the business with series-b funding and beyond. Weaving Indian mythology with entrepreneurship lessons for newbie entrepreneurs, this book charts the journey of going over and beyond in the start-up game with the right learnings. Ganesha’s global start-up is a gripping tale of an entrepreneur’s challenges when he wishes to expand and ways in which he beats all odds. 

My thoughts

This book was a quite enjoyable read. The author skillfully weaved fiction and non-fiction together to bring insights on startups and how to keep them going. From how to grow your startup, building standards, picking up from where to fell, to how to handle both business and relationships. The author covers most of the parts. The only thing I disliked was there is need of more insights and informations. Mind you this book mainly focused on growing business that is already started or established.

But overall it was an enjoyable read with smooth and lucid writing style. Recommend of you are thinking of growing your business!

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