Author Interview: The killer on the Heath by Karen. J. Mossman.


Thank you @tlr_review_projects for this wonderful opportunity. Thank you @karen.J.Mossman.for your consideration and corporation!

Title: The killer on the Heath.
Author: Karen. J. Mossman.
Publication: 16 September 2021. Genre: Murder mystery.

Qn: Can you tell me a bit about yourself especially how/when did you realized you wanted to be a writer?

My parent fostered and I kept the children entertained with stories when I was young. Later, as a teenager, writing them for myself, became an escape from the bedlam of a noisy houseful full of small children.

Qn: All through the years of trying multiple genres, did you find any genre particularly challenging? Also, is there any genre that you are looking forward to writing next?

Science Fiction was challenging. I knew I was going to write one next but didn’t want to go into outer space. The very few I read were hard work. Most had places names and even the people were unpronounceable. That would stop the flow of the story. Plus, they bordered on the ridiculous. Too unrealistic for me to enjoy. So, when I wrote mine, I cheated, ☺ I set it in the future, and they travelled to the past.

The answer to your second question is perhaps something involving vampires, werewolves, or shifters. Not sure when I will get the time to do it, as there are other stories waiting to be written, but its there at the back of my mind.

Qn: You have mentioned that you are an avid book-blogger. Could you please tell us whose book you have enjoyed reading recently and have given rave reviews about the same?

That one is easy. The author is called J P McLean and her book is called Secret Sky. It was brilliant written, and for me who doesn’t particularly like series, I went on to read and review all six books.

Qn: You have mentioned yourself as ‘retired’ and ‘can do whatever you want’. You also love cross-stitching and enjoy walking in your beautiful location. We would love to know more about what you indulge in during your daily routine.

I try and get a balance because writing can be all consuming to the decrement of everything else, no matter how much I love it. Returning to my first love, reading is something I do constantly. There is nothing better than disappearing into a good book! I also like to be creative, and I have been cross stitching since the nineties, but general I enjoy dabbling in different crafts. Last year, for instance, I taught myself to draw and crochet.

I also have two dogs to command my attention. This gets me out of the house and exercising. Living on an island surrounding by beaches, means I have a choice of great locations, for both me and them to enjoy.

Qn: You have mentioned yourself as ‘not being adventurous’. On the other hand, you expressed your love for storylines having a mix of romance and crime. As a reader, I am curious to know why you have mentioned yourself as ‘not being adventurous’?

I stuck with what I know, because I knew I will enjoy it. Since I wrote that, I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone to read things I wouldn’t normally. Previously I tried them and didn’t like them. The thought of vampires, ugh, they are not real. But then I happened across an author called Denna Holm. Her books were science fiction, with romance, and also included shifters and vampires. She built a real believable world – with names I could pronounce! It proved that there are good stories out there, you just have to look for them. I also recently read a graphic novel called The Cult of Dracula by Rich Davis. Basically, it is a grown-up comic. I’m glad I broadened my horizons, but it wasn’t for me, even though it was well written and illustrated. So I guess I am a little more adventurous these days.

Qn: How did you come up with idea for the plot for the book ‘The killer on the Heath’?

I was lying in bed one night when the name Cassidy Newbold arrived in my head. Over the next few nights, she just kept returning. I realised she was a clairvoyant and I wrote a series of short stories with her as the name character. It was only later that the stories evolved and became one book.

Qn: Our main protagonist in The Killer in the Heath is a clairvoyant and empathic character, what was your inspiration to come up with such characteristics?

She began as just being a clairvoyant, because she literally told me she was. As I worked with my editor, Julie from Norns Triad Publications, she asked me whether Cassidy was an empath as well. Once I had researched what it was, my story began to change and opened out into something much more.

Qn: You have beautifully etched the sibling relationship between Cassidy and her twin brother which seemed realistic and it is admirable. What was your thought-process while framing their bonding and relationship?

This is strange one, because it almost wrote itself into the story. It was only when other people began commenting on it, I realised it was a big feature in the story. It surprised me because it was not intentional. I guess that I have always been intrigued about twins and their relationship with each other. What does it feel like? Do they really have a bond? Can it be so deep that communication between them is not always words? It was interesting to see how they moved together, and it was as much as a surprise to me as it is the reader, if that makes sense?

Qn: You have written multiple characters across different genres. Which character is closest to your heart and with which character do you resonate most with?

Kerry from my book Behind Closes Doors is the closest to me. It is set in the seventies in a place I grew up in as a teenager. The fashion, and music were what inspired me through life.

The character that resonates with me most is called Joanna in a book called Joanna’s Journey. This one is based in the eighties, and she falls in love in love with a man destined to become a big rock star, who in turn loves her bac. Isn’t that every girl’s dream?

Qn: The Killer on the Heath is the first book of the series, and we can’t wait to read what happens next. Could you please let us readers know when can we expect the second book?

Cassis’s abilities are tested to the extreme as she helps her brother again, a detective, to locate two missing teenage girls. In order to find them, she has to look deeply into the kidnapper’s mind. An extremely unpleasant experience for her. The same time Cassie is fighting a dark entity from her past who blames her for the death of his mortal soul. It promises to be very intense.

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