Book Review: The Cursed Kingdom Triology by Aimee Shaye.


Title: The Broken Daughter. ⭐⭐ The Dead Daughter. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ The Cursed Daughter ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Author: Aimee Shaye.
Genre: YA Fantasy.
Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐. 5


Long ago, magick filled the land of Dramolux. But one sorceress delved too deep into dark sorcery and tainted the creatures inhabiting the land. In an effort to save all creatures, a noble sentinel locked the dark powers away. For generations, the dark ones were controlled, passed down to those who ruled the sentinel kingdom. All is peaceful until the newest sentinel queen is murdered and all the magick is released back into the world. It is now up to her daughter, Princess Aymeri–who has no knowledge of what she truly is–to recapture it. But another dark sorceress is on the rise. She wants to lay claim to the magick and wield it herself, in an effort to take all of Dramolux under her control. The odds are against Aymeri and the magick the sorceress wants is evil. Aymeri must prepare to battle or die fighting for the survival of her people. The story continues in the coming books with Kumud & Dimia.

My thoughts

BOOK 1: The Broken Daughter

The writing style is easy and flowy but I couldn’t get the hype and felt nothing throughout the book despite the book has a great potential and plot line. Some of suspense and twist was here and there but I didn’t  connect with any of the characters.I think it would have been better if the book was little bit more mysterious about the villain.

BOOK 2: The dead daughter

Okay, this is even better than book 1. It picks up where the book 1 left. I loved how the author switched the pov to Kumud, Aymeri’s sister. It was beautiful to see Kumud grow and develop, breaking the chain of pains and traumas from her past and help her sister.

The world building and character development are more and loose ends gets tied up but also presents new mysteries and questions.Sometimes it was hard to keep up with the plot as a lot of things were happening.Loved the writing.Overall this one was good, wayyy better than the first one.

BOOK 3: The Cursed Daughter

The finale of the series! With more character development and plot twists, the finale is said from the point of view of Dimia, which I liked more because we get to know more about how she turned to be who she is. That’s my favorite thing about the book.

As usual the writing was easy & flowy. The thing I felt about the whole series is that to add a little bit more suspense and hype to the chapters.

About the Author

“I am many things but normal is not one of them,” says Aimee Shaye when asked to describe herself during her first interview. She is a novelist whose genres include Fantasy and most of its subgenres. When asked what drives her, Aimee says, “The world around me. The people I know. The love and support of my family.” Aimee currently resides in New York City, is a family-driven person and enjoys meeting and getting to know her readers. She is full of life and down-to-earth. She has a personality that fills the room. More than that, Aimee is someone people easily open up to. Her passion for life, reading, and writing are evident in her novels and she leaves no stone unturned in showcasing real emotions even in fantasy worlds. 

Published by ajbookreads

Hi! I am Adhena, hailing from the 'God's own country' - Kerala, India. My go to genres are Mystery Thrillers, but I also like fantasy, sci-fi and non- fiction. My aim is to explore new genres and tropes, so that I can live a thousand lives!!

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