COVER REVEAL: Storm of Chaos and Shadows by C. L Briar.

Title: Storm of Chaos and
Author: C.L. Briar
Publisher: Self-Published.
Release Date: March 8, 2022
Genre: Romantic Fantasy
Format: Paperback, Ebook.

Only the strong survive among the fae. Only the cruel.

Elara’s instincts have kept her alive despite the growing viciousness of the fae realm. Since the enchanted storm
decimated her family seven years ago and forced her to care for her younger siblings, Elara craves an escape fromthe ghosts of her past.

When the charming general of the last human stronghold offers her the chance to act as a spy, Elara discovers a trail of embers and ash, along with her own awakening darkness. As the mystery of their enemy unravels, her
yearning for revenge ignites. Elara must control her inner shadows and uncover the foe destroying their world orwatch as the remaining cinders of humanity are extinguished forever.

About The Author

C.L. Briar lives in Northern Virginia with her husband, two children,
and hound dog. Her love for all things fantasy started with Lord of the Rings and has only grown. When she is not writing, you can find her looking for bugs in the backyard with her adventurous daughters, attempting to bake, and consuming copious amounts of coffee.

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Book Review: Ganesha’ s Global Startup by Prachi Garg.


Title: Ganesha’s Global startup.
Author: Prachi Garg
Genre: Self-help.
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐. 5/5


A foodie at heart, Ganesha always looked for ways to make life worth living. In his entrepreneurial journey so far, he had seen it all – starting from a failed start-up to bagging the ‘entrepreneur of the year’ Award. With the achievement came the urge to expand the business with series-b funding and beyond. Weaving Indian mythology with entrepreneurship lessons for newbie entrepreneurs, this book charts the journey of going over and beyond in the start-up game with the right learnings. Ganesha’s global start-up is a gripping tale of an entrepreneur’s challenges when he wishes to expand and ways in which he beats all odds. 

My thoughts

This book was a quite enjoyable read. The author skillfully weaved fiction and non-fiction together to bring insights on startups and how to keep them going. From how to grow your startup, building standards, picking up from where to fell, to how to handle both business and relationships. The author covers most of the parts. The only thing I disliked was there is need of more insights and informations. Mind you this book mainly focused on growing business that is already started or established.

But overall it was an enjoyable read with smooth and lucid writing style. Recommend of you are thinking of growing your business!

Author Interview: 𝙏𝙬𝙞𝙣 𝙩𝙖𝙡𝙚𝙨: 𝘼𝙡𝙞𝙠𝙚 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙙𝙞𝙛𝙛𝙚𝙧𝙚𝙣𝙩 by Brielle and Nadia Dupervile.


Title: Twin Tales:Alike and Different.
Author: Brielle and Nadia Dupervile.
Genre: Children’s fiction.

About the authors.

Brielle and Nadia are fraternal twin sisters and authors of the Twin Tales Children’s Book Series. Their award winning debut children’s book, Twin Tales: Alike and Different, introduces the idea that twins can be similar while having distinct things that make them unique. Brielle and Nadia Dupervil are not just twins, but also bestfriends. Their love for reading inspired them to write their own book at just 4 years old. 


1) What made you want to write a book?

We overheard our parents talking about writing a book and decided it would be cool to do one of our very own. We thought it would be really neat to be able to read our very own book at bedtime.

2) What made you write a book about twins?

That’s easy, we are twins! We see lots of books about siblings and family, but twins are not usually shown. Not to mention people always get us mixed up!

3) If you could put yourself as a character in your book, who would you be?

We’re already in the book! Brielle’s middle name is Alexia and Nadia’s middle name is Denise.

4) What was your favorite part in the writing process?

We liked when the illustrator sent the pictures. Anytime our mom told us that we had new pictures we were so excited to see them.

5) What advice would you give budding writers?
Just start writing. After you get the idea, then you can make changes. But don’t overthink it. Just start writing. It is a hard process, but it is so cool to hold the book in your hand.

6) Tell me more about yourselves. Outside of writing what do you like to do?

We love making new friends, playing outside, watching TV, and going to school. We also like to draw, paint and dance.

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Book Review: The Shadows of Hades by Paul. C. Williams.


souls are dragged from the afterlife and placed into the form of a young boy. A community must battle the dark powers in the surrounding magical forest where death itself is torn apart, and the fabric of the universe comes undone. Within The Shadow of Hades, four stories will combine to answer the question: “How far will we go to vanquish our personal demons?”

So, how should I start? This book is little complex(to me). The book mainly has stories of four different people and it shows how each of their story entwines with others by exploring many themes set in a land walled of from rest of the world, where witchcraft exists but is illegal.

What I liked most about is the writing. Really loved how the author had done an admirable job on the writing, worldbuilding and of course flawed and complex characters. The author took time to create arcs for characters and their situations. The only thing that bit off was  the slow pacing. The pacing was really, really slow but in a good way.

Overall I liked this one and Recommend it of you like dark paranormal fantasy.

Title: The Shadow of Hades.
Author: Paul Williams
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy.
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐. 5/5

An LGBTQ, Black-Hispanic teen with an eclectic taste in music, Paul Williams has struggled with his identity, eventually leading to mental illness. However, with support from his siblings, he gained new confidence to express his inner emotions through art and writing. At age seventeen, he published his first book. He is now working endlessly to carve a place for himself among the creative professionals and pave the way for other talented ‘students’ of art and literature. 

Isanan’s Web (The Zirea Chronicles Book 1)

Book Review: The girl in the red lipstick by Ajay. K. Pandey.

Title: The girl in the red lipstick.
Author: Ajay Pandey.
Genre: Contemporary Romance.
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐. 5/5



Arun is a bestselling author, and the heartthrob of thousands of readers. While on a book promotion tour, he is injured and agrees to call a masseuse. Little did he know that the masseuse would turn out to be someone with a secret!

Arun sees a story in her, and in digging deeper, is amazed to discover her strength of character. Even though Lalita is a young survivor of human trafficking, she has unmatched determination.

A single encounter with her makes Arun take decisions that he had never even thought of. He is willing to risk everything for her, his own life too.
But the more he tries to help her, the deeper he drowns in the swamp.
Will two broken people be able to heal each other? Will society ever accept a girl from the forbidden alleys of the city?

The Girl in the Red Lipstick is a charming story of friendship, life and finding love where we least expect to.

My thoughts

First of all, I admire author for taking this subject. So far I have read a lot of books on this topic,but this is my first time reading a book by an Indian author on the same and he done his job really well.

Other things that I liked:

The author describing the struggles of being an author, which gave me a really big insight into the life of authors.

I loved how the author talked about the social media, that everyone is just pretending to be happy on the media platforms but in real life all are struggling or having ordinary lives.

Changing POVs from Arun to Lalita to Kajal(his wife), giving more depth to each characters and their feelings.

Things I didn’t like:

The plot had a great potential and I expected a little more from the book.
And I felt the POVs of Lalita and Kajal were added just to keep the story going.

But overall I enjoyed this one a lot, the author weaves a beautiful story with simple and flowy language.

About the author

Ajay Pandey, also known as Ajay K. Pandey, is an English author. He is an engineer of a Pune-based company.His first book as an author was You are the Best Wife which was released in 2015,which became a huge success.He has written several books too.


  • You are the Best Wife.
  • You are the Best Friend.
  • Her Last Wish.
  • A Girl to Remember.
  • An Unexpected Gift.

(Source: Goodreads &Wikipedia).

Thank you so much for reading❣️

Author Interview: The killer on the Heath by Karen. J. Mossman.


Thank you @tlr_review_projects for this wonderful opportunity. Thank you @karen.J.Mossman.for your consideration and corporation!

Title: The killer on the Heath.
Author: Karen. J. Mossman.
Publication: 16 September 2021. Genre: Murder mystery.

Qn: Can you tell me a bit about yourself especially how/when did you realized you wanted to be a writer?

My parent fostered and I kept the children entertained with stories when I was young. Later, as a teenager, writing them for myself, became an escape from the bedlam of a noisy houseful full of small children.

Qn: All through the years of trying multiple genres, did you find any genre particularly challenging? Also, is there any genre that you are looking forward to writing next?

Science Fiction was challenging. I knew I was going to write one next but didn’t want to go into outer space. The very few I read were hard work. Most had places names and even the people were unpronounceable. That would stop the flow of the story. Plus, they bordered on the ridiculous. Too unrealistic for me to enjoy. So, when I wrote mine, I cheated, ☺ I set it in the future, and they travelled to the past.

The answer to your second question is perhaps something involving vampires, werewolves, or shifters. Not sure when I will get the time to do it, as there are other stories waiting to be written, but its there at the back of my mind.

Qn: You have mentioned that you are an avid book-blogger. Could you please tell us whose book you have enjoyed reading recently and have given rave reviews about the same?

That one is easy. The author is called J P McLean and her book is called Secret Sky. It was brilliant written, and for me who doesn’t particularly like series, I went on to read and review all six books.

Qn: You have mentioned yourself as ‘retired’ and ‘can do whatever you want’. You also love cross-stitching and enjoy walking in your beautiful location. We would love to know more about what you indulge in during your daily routine.

I try and get a balance because writing can be all consuming to the decrement of everything else, no matter how much I love it. Returning to my first love, reading is something I do constantly. There is nothing better than disappearing into a good book! I also like to be creative, and I have been cross stitching since the nineties, but general I enjoy dabbling in different crafts. Last year, for instance, I taught myself to draw and crochet.

I also have two dogs to command my attention. This gets me out of the house and exercising. Living on an island surrounding by beaches, means I have a choice of great locations, for both me and them to enjoy.

Qn: You have mentioned yourself as ‘not being adventurous’. On the other hand, you expressed your love for storylines having a mix of romance and crime. As a reader, I am curious to know why you have mentioned yourself as ‘not being adventurous’?

I stuck with what I know, because I knew I will enjoy it. Since I wrote that, I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone to read things I wouldn’t normally. Previously I tried them and didn’t like them. The thought of vampires, ugh, they are not real. But then I happened across an author called Denna Holm. Her books were science fiction, with romance, and also included shifters and vampires. She built a real believable world – with names I could pronounce! It proved that there are good stories out there, you just have to look for them. I also recently read a graphic novel called The Cult of Dracula by Rich Davis. Basically, it is a grown-up comic. I’m glad I broadened my horizons, but it wasn’t for me, even though it was well written and illustrated. So I guess I am a little more adventurous these days.

Qn: How did you come up with idea for the plot for the book ‘The killer on the Heath’?

I was lying in bed one night when the name Cassidy Newbold arrived in my head. Over the next few nights, she just kept returning. I realised she was a clairvoyant and I wrote a series of short stories with her as the name character. It was only later that the stories evolved and became one book.

Qn: Our main protagonist in The Killer in the Heath is a clairvoyant and empathic character, what was your inspiration to come up with such characteristics?

She began as just being a clairvoyant, because she literally told me she was. As I worked with my editor, Julie from Norns Triad Publications, she asked me whether Cassidy was an empath as well. Once I had researched what it was, my story began to change and opened out into something much more.

Qn: You have beautifully etched the sibling relationship between Cassidy and her twin brother which seemed realistic and it is admirable. What was your thought-process while framing their bonding and relationship?

This is strange one, because it almost wrote itself into the story. It was only when other people began commenting on it, I realised it was a big feature in the story. It surprised me because it was not intentional. I guess that I have always been intrigued about twins and their relationship with each other. What does it feel like? Do they really have a bond? Can it be so deep that communication between them is not always words? It was interesting to see how they moved together, and it was as much as a surprise to me as it is the reader, if that makes sense?

Qn: You have written multiple characters across different genres. Which character is closest to your heart and with which character do you resonate most with?

Kerry from my book Behind Closes Doors is the closest to me. It is set in the seventies in a place I grew up in as a teenager. The fashion, and music were what inspired me through life.

The character that resonates with me most is called Joanna in a book called Joanna’s Journey. This one is based in the eighties, and she falls in love in love with a man destined to become a big rock star, who in turn loves her bac. Isn’t that every girl’s dream?

Qn: The Killer on the Heath is the first book of the series, and we can’t wait to read what happens next. Could you please let us readers know when can we expect the second book?

Cassis’s abilities are tested to the extreme as she helps her brother again, a detective, to locate two missing teenage girls. In order to find them, she has to look deeply into the kidnapper’s mind. An extremely unpleasant experience for her. The same time Cassie is fighting a dark entity from her past who blames her for the death of his mortal soul. It promises to be very intense.

Book Review: Killing November Duology by Adriana Mather.


Title: Killing November (#1) Hunting November (#2). Author: Adriana Mather. Genre: YA, Dark Academia mystery thriller. Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟. 5/5


It’s a form of power to be able to embrace yourself in all the ways you are and all the ways you are not. “

November doesn’t know why her father put her here. All she knows that the academy is not a simple academy. They teaches about poisons, knife throwing, how to kill, hide and manipulate.

When she is stumbling around to keep up with deceptions and manipulations, a murder happens and all the fingers are pointing towards her.

In the quest of finding the real killer she finds secrets and stories  about the academy, about strategia and most of all about her own family, with killers behind her can she make it to save her missing father and herself?

My Thoughts

This series was so intense and action packed. I couldn’t put the book down.

I love when the story is a set in a mysterious school with mysterious murder.  I was at edge of my seat when things was going to happen and biting nails when an fighting takes place!

I loved the plot,the characters and world building!  I really loved the first book(killing November) but not so sure in about the second. Of course the second was great too but that was nothing like the first book.

The book take us into November’s hunt to find out the killer, there by learning about her family and her adventure quest to find her missing father, who has bounty on his head by the leader of the strategia with every possible assassin behind her father.

The story is packed with action, romance, adventure.
Definitely recommend if you like
Spooky  castle- like school meet with a spy movie.

About the Author

Adriana Mather is the New York Times bestselling author of How to Hang a Witch, with family roots that go back to Sleepy Hollow, the Salem Witch Trials, and the Titanic. She’s also an actor and producer best known for her role in the award-winning Honeyglue. She co-owns Zombot Pictures, a production company that makes feature films. Her first acting scene in a film ever was with Danny Glover, and she was terrified she would mess it up. In addition, her favorite food is pizza, she has too many cats, and a deep abiding love for all things autumnal.


1) How to hang a witch. 2) Hunting in the deep. 3) Killing November. 4) Hunting November.

BOOK REVIEW: In women we trust by N. H. Sakhia.


Title: In women we trust.
Author: Naim.H. Sakhia.
Genre: Fiction
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


A teenager’s indiscretion becomes a family tragedy and threatens to become a national scandal in this Pakistan-set drama.

Gul is the 15-year-old son of poor people who work for Sardar Timur, a wealthy and powerful man in Hayatabad, Pakistan. He’s suddenly pulled into a brief sexual encounter with Timur’s daughter, Farah, on whom he has had a longtime crush, and the two are discovered in an unlucky moment that has extraordinary reverberations. Furious at what he feels is his mortification, Timur calls for a Panchayat, an “informal justice system” that empowers a council of locals to mete out determinations of guilt and innocence. Author Sakhia astutely captures the nature of these easily corruptible proceedings, which are officially illegal but largely ignored by the police. For Gul and his family, the stakes couldn’t be higher; he could be castrated or killed, and his relations could also suffer gruesome fates. Meanwhile, French journalist Arlette Baudis, who has accused the prime minister of Pakistan of sexual harassment, attempts to make the Panchayat fiasco into an issue of international interest—not only to highlight the nation’s corruption but also to challenge its sexist view of women. Over the course of this novel, the author presents a tale that is sinewy and rich, deftly depicting a traditional system of justice as a thinly disguised one of oppression. Sakhia’s sparse, straightforward prose is quietly moving, as when Baudis, in a fit of exasperated anger about the prime minister’s popular election, rages, “How stupid are you people? Where the damn hell is the moral compass?” Sakhia also manages, with great authorial restraint, to refrain from sacrificing the artistic elements of the story to a sententious lesson.

My Thoughts

T/W: Sexism, Racism,
The story is set in Pakistan. At first I was very confused because new characters were popping up here and there, it was hard to keep up but then slowly the author connects the dots and we gets insight on how characters are connected to each other.

The book show how corrupt these kinds of panchayats are. Siding with the people who have authority and influence, treating lower class people as slaves just because they are poor, Women are treated horribly-that parts really shook me and it was hard for me to read through it-,how people use traditional systems to oppress other people. It was disheartening to me that most of them are hard truths that still happening in 21st century.

I hated every character in the book especially men.The writing is rich and flowy, the plotline is great and the author executed it really well. This one ends in cliffhanger.

Recommend if you want a read that is so down to earth and can keep your raging emotions in check.

Book Review: The Breakthrough by Megha Bajaj.

Title: The Breakthrough.
Author: Megha Bajaj.
Genre: Non-fiction, self-help.
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


The Breakthrough is a collection of inspiring stories of 11 people who had a major breakthrough in their life. Some they made by themselves,some life gave them. And from these breakthroughs they learned to move from being ordinary to extraordinary. From being settled and contented with what they have to going for more, to have a happy and successful life.

I am not much fan of a non-fiction, but I really enjoyed reading this one. Instead of just saying, the author is showing us, with examples,that there are people who changed their life for good and better. Not only their life but others too by giving to society something more, by not thinking of what background they came from but where they are going for.

All of them with the help of their guru Mahatria learned something more in their life. That life should be the perfect balance of health, wealth, bliss of love and spiritual alignment, And that’s what we call a successful life.

Book Review: The Cursed Kingdom Triology by Aimee Shaye.


Title: The Broken Daughter. ⭐⭐ The Dead Daughter. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ The Cursed Daughter ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Author: Aimee Shaye.
Genre: YA Fantasy.
Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐. 5


Long ago, magick filled the land of Dramolux. But one sorceress delved too deep into dark sorcery and tainted the creatures inhabiting the land. In an effort to save all creatures, a noble sentinel locked the dark powers away. For generations, the dark ones were controlled, passed down to those who ruled the sentinel kingdom. All is peaceful until the newest sentinel queen is murdered and all the magick is released back into the world. It is now up to her daughter, Princess Aymeri–who has no knowledge of what she truly is–to recapture it. But another dark sorceress is on the rise. She wants to lay claim to the magick and wield it herself, in an effort to take all of Dramolux under her control. The odds are against Aymeri and the magick the sorceress wants is evil. Aymeri must prepare to battle or die fighting for the survival of her people. The story continues in the coming books with Kumud & Dimia.

My thoughts

BOOK 1: The Broken Daughter

The writing style is easy and flowy but I couldn’t get the hype and felt nothing throughout the book despite the book has a great potential and plot line. Some of suspense and twist was here and there but I didn’t  connect with any of the characters.I think it would have been better if the book was little bit more mysterious about the villain.

BOOK 2: The dead daughter

Okay, this is even better than book 1. It picks up where the book 1 left. I loved how the author switched the pov to Kumud, Aymeri’s sister. It was beautiful to see Kumud grow and develop, breaking the chain of pains and traumas from her past and help her sister.

The world building and character development are more and loose ends gets tied up but also presents new mysteries and questions.Sometimes it was hard to keep up with the plot as a lot of things were happening.Loved the writing.Overall this one was good, wayyy better than the first one.

BOOK 3: The Cursed Daughter

The finale of the series! With more character development and plot twists, the finale is said from the point of view of Dimia, which I liked more because we get to know more about how she turned to be who she is. That’s my favorite thing about the book.

As usual the writing was easy & flowy. The thing I felt about the whole series is that to add a little bit more suspense and hype to the chapters.

About the Author

“I am many things but normal is not one of them,” says Aimee Shaye when asked to describe herself during her first interview. She is a novelist whose genres include Fantasy and most of its subgenres. When asked what drives her, Aimee says, “The world around me. The people I know. The love and support of my family.” Aimee currently resides in New York City, is a family-driven person and enjoys meeting and getting to know her readers. She is full of life and down-to-earth. She has a personality that fills the room. More than that, Aimee is someone people easily open up to. Her passion for life, reading, and writing are evident in her novels and she leaves no stone unturned in showcasing real emotions even in fantasy worlds. 

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